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  • What is ceiling section?

    Ceiling Section- The ceiling section is another major substance from the list of materials used in false ceiling. It is because it's the main supporting section to fix the plaster board.

  • Vibrant false ceiling design for shop or corporate office allures us all. But having a strong intermediate channel used in its installation is another aspect that one cannot ignore. It is the primary section that supports the ceiling section.

  • The ceiling angles are basically the L-shaped angles that are suspended from the main ceiling through a fastener. Furthermore, it is cut depending on where the person wants to install the false ceiling.

  • The perimeter channel plays an important role in fixing the false ceiling. Actually, it fixes around the walls and partitions, giving excellent support to all types of drop ceilings.

  • Anchor bolts are designed to attach structural elements to concrete. In our industry, anchor bolts are typically used to attach steel to concrete. One end is embedded into the concrete, while the opposite end is threaded to attach structural support.

  • drywall screws are specifically designed for fastening plasterboard to either metal or timber. Typically, drywall screws are light and have deeper threads designed to help the screws stay in place against the drywall.